Common harmonized reporting is needed for the successful implementation of seamless multi-facility services. Services offered by IBISBA are executed as projects and should be recorded in a way that allows future projects to benefit from past projects. The executed projects thus require a common, but flexible reporting template for capturing what was done.

The IBISBA Reporting Template provides a template for the final reporting of any entity of work (project) done within IBISBA. Project reporting is a means to convey information such as results to a client that has commissioned the work to be done. A single template will be used for all reporting purposes regardless of the size, confidentiality, or complexity of the project. Specific sections/chapters can be extracted and used where they are needed. Specific sections/chapters can be made confidential (to protect IPR). A public version of the report can be made by extracting all non-confidential sections/chapters.

The current goal is a minimum - a good starting point that can later be improved. Project reports should reflect how a TNA project was built from a series of modules and workflows. However, it has already been identified that the current minimum will not be good enough in the future (e.g. within 3-5 years). Stricter requirements are expected because the ultimate goal is to offer seamless multi-facility services via the EU-IBISBA legal entity. You can find the reporting template here.

Presently, the IBISBA Reporting Template is available only to IBISBA 1.0 consortium members under the access provisions specified in the IBISBA 1.0 Consortium Agreement.

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