The current IBISBA management processes and governance bodies are designed to support two H2020 projects (IBISBA 1.0 and PREP-IBISBA). Nevertheless, many processes and some governance bodies will remain stable over time (SharePoint).The management of IBISBA is adapted to its current situation. However, management procedures and governance bodies are likely to evolve to account for new developments, including the creation of a legal entity.

Governance Bodies

  • The General Assembly (one GA per H2020 project) is composed of one representative per project beneficiary. The GA is the decision-making body. As such it decides the strategic orientation of the project, provides overall direction of activities and decides to re-orientate activities whenever necessary. The GA also decides on any budget revision, incorporation of new partners and on any measures towards defaulting partners.

  • The Executive Committee (ExCom) is composed of WP Leaders (WPL). Currently the ExCom is a joint committee that brings together WPL from both ongoing H2020 projects. The ExCom is a decision-implementing body. This Committee is responsible for the operational management of project activities and ensures that decisions are properly implemented.

  • The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) is a composite, and in part ad hoc, assembly of external experts, including those from universities and other Nonprofit Research Organizations, business clusters and private companies. The SAG is consulted on a variety of issues and on different occasions. A sub-group of the SAG is the steering committee.

  • The Steering Committee is a special stakeholder advisory group that brings together representatives of participant countries. Generally, members of the steering committee belong to ministerial-level authorities.

  • The IBISBA Coordination Team (ICT) is composed of EU project managers (presently two), a network manager, a communications manager and the acting IBISBA Director (who is presently the coordinator of two H2020 IBISBA projects). The ICT is a highly operational body that deals with the smooth running of IBISBA. Key topics for the ICT relate to internal communication, network management and general affairs.


  • ICT: meets every month, usually on Mondays

  • ExCom: meets every ~2-3 months

  • General meetings: take place twice a year (usually in late spring and autumn)

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