IBISBAKHub is a key part of the IBISBA ecosystem of facilities

It serves as an online portal for:

  • Recording progression of projects using the IBISBA facilities
  • Storing, sharing and launching workflows linked with related data and models
  • Data registration using the ISA structure (Investigation, Study, Assay)
  • Support for workflows operating in and across the facilities
  • Catalogue of Workflows and Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs)
  • Library of data format templates and processes for the IBISBA consortium
  • Complementing local data management OR provide a data management resource where local system is not available
  • Support accessibility (from local/fully private to published projects)


Project Structure on IBISBAKHub (ISA Structure):

The projects are structured and stored on the IBISBAHub around the ISA framework:

  • ‘Investigation’ (the research context/hypothesis)
  • ‘Study’ (a unit of research)
  • ‘Assay’ (analytical measurement/Experiments)

The ISA framework helps you to provide a complete description of your experimental metadata i.e. sample characteristics, technology used, measurement types, sample-to-data relationships. This results in your project being organised and the data you produce is easily reproducible and reusable.

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