1. Who is this section meant for?

All researchers and SMEs working in EU Member States (EU-28), but also to Associated Countries and Third Countries. You can also check the bi-lateral Science & Technology (S&T) agreements signed by the European Commission with a number of individual countries.

2. How will this section help the user?

Users will get a thorough description of the application procedure in order to successfully apply for subsidised access to the IBISBA R&D services.

3. What is the learning outcome/goal of a section?

Users will be instructed on the application procedure, including general conditions and eligibility criteria, to get subsidised access to the IBISBA research infrastructure.

4. Stepwise instructions?

Subsidised access is provided ONLY during Open Calls, during which applicants are requested to submit a full proposal through the IBISBA website. This will automatically be sent to the TNA Administrator and go through different filters in order to be selected, discarded or saved for consultancy (and be presented to another call).

A one stage application process with cut-off dates will be applied to gather and select proposals.

Caveat: in the event of project rejection, the project proposer will receive a short rejection statement, but will not receive extensive arguments supporting the decision. In certain circumstances, IBISBA administrators will directly contact project PIs to discuss submission at a later stage, although this is not mandatory and is left to the discretion of IBISBA administrators.

Once proposals have been submitted, the TNA Administrator will check the eligibility of the proposed access.

5. Summary

Subsidised access to IBISBA R&D services requires that users submit project proposals that are well aligned with the aims of IBISBA and meet technical, scientific and ethical requirements. Once users have drafted their proposal, they need to create an account on the website submission page and upload the proposal on the electronic submission system.

6. Frequently asked questions?

  • Is it possible to modify the proposal after the submission? Yes, it is, as long as changes are applied before the submission deadline.

  • Can I apply to another Open Call even though I have already been selected previously? Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for another Call if the user has already got access to the infrastructure. Otherwise, one can apply as many times as they want.

  • Will proposals requesting multiple services be prioritised in the selection process? The selection process takes into account multiple aspects of the proposals, e.g. the scientific impact and the feasibility, therefore, multi-service requests are encouraged, but they are not a preferential way.

Guide for applicants. It helps users throughout the process of filling the proposal for Open Calls.

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