IBISBA’s activities and its developments are conveyed through a set of channels and tools, which serve as support for IBISBA members and to reach out to IBISBA global user community.

The IBISBA logo (word mark and circular symbol) are trademarks protected and registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as of 8 December 2020 till 22 July 2030. The registration certificates are available on SharePoint. The protection covers 5 classes of activities (9, 35, 41, 42 and 45), which prevent other organisations from using the same logo in Europe (not only EU) in the same field of activities.

INRAE is the owner of the logo and will grant all IBISBA partners with licenses to use it in the usual conditions of exploitation.

Brand and Visual Identity Management Policy

A distinctive communication style is necessary to be convincing in a “communication saturated environment”. It is also a clear message to all of the members of the Consortium as well as the stakeholders that IBISBA is evolving and moving forward. Creating a stronger identity is a must do to support the evolution of the communication strategy.

The policy serves this purpose by defining the IBISBA branding, the visual identity of the Consortium and the rules of use for the different elements it includes.

The policy also protects the logo of the Consortium against misuse, in its use or in its shape. The policy will be used by IBISBA members when producing any IBISBA product. It shall also be used by contractors who are entitled to deliver graphics.

All communication tools will be adapted to the policy for greater consistency.

The brand and visual management policy is available on SharePoint


The official website (www.ibisba.eu) is the main portal to get all the information related to IBISBA, including general info, activities, events, objectives, open calls, workshop and webinars.

Social media and sharing platforms

Results and activities are communicated and disseminated as textual and multimedia content through the main B2B social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter, and on Facebook for the general public. Video content, including recorded interviews, webinars and workshops, is hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel.

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Periodic info updates can be received by subscribing to the IBISBA official newsletter. This tool contains one main topic of interest and other relevant and valuable info that is shared with the network of subscribers about every 4 months.

Communication tools

Communication tools are stored on SharePoint

PowerPoint Templates

Presentations must be delivered by using the IBISBA official template, which contains a title slide, a body layout, a disclaimer, and a graphic charter that will help build the presentation maintaining IBISBA’s visual identity.

Font type, size, colour, and all the other visual elements must not be changed. The logo must be visible at all times.

Widescreen and standard templates can be found on IBISBA 1.0 SharePoint and PRE-IBISBA SharePoint.

Universal Poster

Consortium members are provided with a universal poster template, which contains a general introduction to IBISBA and can be used in international conferences. Alternatively, consortium members can build their own posters by respecting the brand guidelines relative to logo, typeface, colour palette, and funding statement, as described in the brand and visual identity management policy.

A widescreen poster format has been made available for digital events for increased legibility.

Universal Presentation

As per the universal poster, consortium members are provided with a 10-slide general presentation of IBISBA to draw upon relevant information or to be used in full for their pitches.

Email Signature

An brand email signature is available in the HTML format for IBISBA members to communicate via email.

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