IBISBAKHub has been designed in such a way that it provides complete control over access to the Data, Projects and the ISA structure. You may choose to keep your Project/Data completely private or public or even choose an intermediate level of access. Access control may be specified for

  • Members of a project
  • Members of an institution
  • Members associated with a specific Programme
  • The wider public

So, for example, in a TNA,

  • the people working on the project may have access to all the data,
  • the customer may have read access to some of the data,
  • the general public and other people in IBISBA have no access.


The IBISBAKHub strives to have all data in conformity with the FAIR principles.All data and knowledge in the IBISBAKHub can and will remain private until the user makes it online or embargo is reached (end of ibisba 1.0 contract period). Data within IBISBAKHub would ideally be stored under the Creative Common 0 (CC0) license to make it available for the wider scientific community. However a list of other possible Licenses are available to the user from a drop down menu on the project registration page.

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